How to Get Sincere Feedback from a Customer

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As a business person, it is essential for you can get crucial insights from client reviews to enhance your business. Collecting client input helps you make calculated business moves with minimum risk. This article explores how you can get honest customer feedback and strategies for increasing customer engagement.

Give a reward for feedback

Feedback is more likely to be given if a reward is offered. Attaching some inducement demonstrates that you take the suggestions from customers seriously. You can start by providing incentives for feedback, like a free day or a sample of a new service to clients.

When you show critical players of your business that you appreciate their input, they will have reason to give more honest feedback.

Keep feedback confidential

When you keep the identity of the customers that give you feedback confidential, they will be more willing to offer their honest thoughts. Companies sometimes design apps and websites to poll users automatically at regular intervals. 

Customers get the opportunity to give their sincere views of the company’s products and operations. This feedback shapes further operations, products, and services companies provide. Furthermore, they are crucial to understanding the value of the various user categories.

Form connections with customers

The best way to get the trust and honesty of your customers is by having a good connection with them. You can start by acting as a reliable advocate and strong supporter of your customers. 

Organizations with customer success or insider programs invest in their customers beyond purchase, renewal, or crisis moments. All interactions must be mutually beneficial. For example, companies prioritizing talking to their customers often have a better chance of getting candid reviews.

Probe in-depth and specifically

Inquire further into your consumers’ motivations and needs by asking them pointed questions. Then, build comprehensive client personas supported by interviews with various customers. To achieve the desired result, you must ensure they are comfortable and willing to talk.

Your questions must be straightforward so they don’t spend the whole time trying to decipher the meaning. This approach keeps you in check, reduces rumors, and informs your future decisions about your products and services.

Personalize feedback collection

Being specific when requesting feedback is a trick most companies are yet to know. The lack of individualization of emails sent to thousands of customers asking for “surveys” reduces their effectiveness. 

Using a more manageable sample size, tailoring the subject line, and offering information directly relevant to the recipient enhances the likelihood that they will respond and go out of their way to provide feedback.

Make it easy to provide comments

When it comes to client reviews, many business owners either don’t ask for them or expect their customers to leave them without being asked to. Therefore, putting in a system to prompt customers to provide reviews is essential. 

Numerous review management technologies are available for business owners to facilitate honest reviews from their customers. In addition, these review technologies facilitate review automation and, more crucially, make the process of leaving comments seamless.

Look for independent rating and review sites

Google and other search engines have some of the most honest customer reviews. Taking the time to address such concerns will hopefully lead to more constructive criticism. Additionally, you can check out other review sites, where users can offer their two cents on what they think of your products.

Schedule check-ins with clients

Most organizations schedule check-ins with their customers regularly to know what they think. Scheduling check-ins with your clients ensures you are on the same page. Don’t be afraid to ask for their feedback— they may have suggestions for how your team may improve and what you can do to strengthen your partnership.

Keep an eye on the media

The internet and social media have proven to be the most effective means to solicit customer comments and suggestions. The feedback on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., will give the company insight into customers’ needs and level of satisfaction. 

Furthermore, social media response is an excellent indicator of the quality and impact of our work. You can initiate dialogue with those who have commented on your products or services to understand their position.

Call your customers

You can call your customers and ask for feedback on their purchases. This approach provides instant feedback on how they feel about your company’s operation and product. If the customer has a complaint, you move quickly by handling the situation.

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