Most Expensive Keywords

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The primary reason why companies use keywords is to boost website traffic by raising brand awareness. When these keywords appropriately represent your content and audience’s habits and search strategies, they are cost-effective.

The bidding system Google adopts gives specific campaigns significant advantages over others as regards CPC —cost per click. The CPC rises when there are fewer searches for a given keyword due to the bidding process.

Industries with the Highest Keyword Cost

Getting the most expensive keywords is a difficult thing to do, considering the numerous keywords available. It suffices to state that specific keywords are more expensive due to their industries. The following sectors have the most pricey keywords. 

Legal keywords 

The legal industry is among the competitive sectors, hence the high cost of its keywords. As a result, legal-based keywords are among the most expensive today. These keywords comprise advertising for legal counsel for accidents, workers’ camp lawyer, injury lawyer, etc.

Thanks to these leads, a small group of attorneys is available to assist in some unusual emergencies. 

Some of the most expensive legal keywords are “best Mesothelioma lawyer,” “Dallas truck accident lawyer,” and truck accident lawyer.”  These keywords cost $935.71, $425.70, and $411.05, respectively. Therefore, it suffices to state that most legal keywords are related to accident attorneys.

IT and B2B keywords 

When it comes to business-to-business (B2B) offers, the IT sector generates some of the most expensive leads. B2B companies in many sectors, from network security to cloud computing, are spending a lot on Google AdWords to create leads.

Some of the most pricey keywords in IT and B2B services are “Complete business solution,” “What is invoice factoring,” etc. These keywords cost $118 and $90, etc. 

Education Keywords

It’s becoming increasingly common to pursue graduate education online. Online education has rapidly expanded to the point where it is nearly impossible to find a reputable university anywhere in the globe that does not have an online learning program.

The reason for the boost in online learning is apparent – it brings in more funds for these institutions. The 120 online certificate and degree programs this institution offers bring in $78 million annually.

According to reports, the University of Phoenix, of all educational institutions, spends the most on Google ads of all educational institutions. The institution spent an astonishing $170,000 per day in 2012. The most costly keyword in the educational category is “online business degree programs,” costing about $110 per click.

Location-based keywords

Looking at search results, you will find warm areas like Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Austin. You may also find places like Colorado and Illinois. Furthermore, California, Texas, and Florida are among the most popular location-based searches on google.

Location is essential in citing businesses; little wonder it dominates keyboard search lists. Companies consistently outmuscle themselves for the exact location, sending the costs of specific location keywords over the roof.

Rehab-related Keywords

Rehab centers help those suffering from diseases and addictions to drugs or alcohol who need to stay away. The services these centers provide are pretty expensive. Even if they spend vast amounts on PPC and successfully attract a client, they will make a healthy profit. At a cost per click (CPC) of about $463.05, “Austin drug rehab” is one of the most expensive in this category.

Should I Pay for Keywords?

Despite the cost, it is beneficial to pay for keywords. With the right keywords, businesses in any sector will experience a significant boost in returns. Furthermore, it is best if professionals with substantial experience in keyword usage handle PPC campaigns for businesses. 

Going through the educational and legal terms, several keywords are not worth paying for. To bid for keywords, you must understand your location and what will thrive; otherwise, resources will be wasted. For instance, if you stay in an area with fewer truck-related accidents, paying a considerable amount for keywords related to it is a wrong move.

Additionally, if the keywords you’re bidding on are costly, you should employ a more prudent method to avoid blowing through your entire campaign budget in a single click. Since competition for Pay Per Click is fierce, and click charges are higher than before, you must run A/B testing on your PPC ads to ensure you get the most out of them. 

Sometimes, businesses are willing to pay high costs for keywords since their value outweighs the cost. Also, the high cost of the keywords does not matter since it converts clickers to clients. Therefore, keywords like “car injury lawyer,” “urgent medical billing,” and “medical rehab facility,” though expensive, are worth going for.

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