Top 5 Project Management Tools

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Project management refers to planning, organizing, leading, controlling, and closing a project to fulfill predetermined goals. In addition, managing a project involves organizing and allocating resources to bring about a desired outcome, such as completing a project.

There are various tools for managing projects with multiple features and functions to help automate the handling of these projects. Also, the project management tools are tailored to aid in efficiently managing projects and activities by an individual or group.

Here are the best project management tools you should consider:


Trello, based on the Kanban card-based management system, is great for individuals and small teams because of its user-friendly design, good dashboard, and extensive reporting suite.

Apps based on the Kanban method, like Trello, provide greater freedom and flexibility in project management than their more rigid counterparts. 

The intuitive board and card metaphors simplify handling one-off projects and continuing workflows. In addition, cards can have images and related files, hyperlinks, custom dropdowns, due dates, and much more, demonstrating the system’s robust functionality.

When you’re done with a card or board, you can archive it so it disappears from display but is still there if you need it later.

Trello is an excellent introduction to project management as there are desktop, mobile, and online versions of the project management tool.


Wrike is an excellent alternative to Trello if you need more flexibility in your project management than Trello provides. The tool comes with standard project management capabilities like Gantt charts, dashboards, and thorough reporting features, making it easy for teams to work on small to medium-sized projects without learning the ins and outs of a new, complex system.

Each worker and the project manager have access to an in-built time-tracking tool. Even though the time tracker is not meant to replace a full-fledged time-tracking solution, it can easily manage most basic needs.

This software has excellent project management features like cloud storage, interactive boards, spreadsheets, collaborative dashboards, and Gantt charts.

Wrike is a project management tool with web, iOS, and Android compatibility.


Basecamp, first released in 2004, is one of the more established options for project management software as it allows for cooperation with clients and other parties outside the company.

This project management tool includes a calendar and scheduling system, instant messaging, private messaging, and file sharing.

The minimalist design and robust search capabilities make locating the desired action, image or message simple. In addition, since it integrates email and allows users to exchange individual assignments and communications with persons outside the organization, this tool facilitates working with clients.

Teams can set preferences for when and how often they receive notifications and temporarily disable them during non-business hours.

BaseCamp is compatible with PCs, tabs, and even mobile phones.


LiquidPlanner is a versatile project management tool that is feature-packed. Therefore, it is helpful as a standard project management tool with all the expected capabilities and a general resource management tool.

LiquidPlanner is a game-changing project management tool for groups interested in staying ahead of the curve in planning, forecasting, and performance.

LiquidPlanner is software for managing corporate projects in the future. We designed our project management system on the idea that groups perform better when they set priorities, create the finest projections, and work together in a single area.

If your team is looking for a project management tool to help them plan, forecast, and perform above and above, look no further than LiquidPlanner. Its purpose is to coordinate your workforce so that everyone focuses on the most critical tasks at any given moment.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is one project management tool with great features to help project managers carry out their tasks seamlessly. For example, teams can decide to get standard reports and even customized ones. After that, they can easily export their tasks to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft Project is, without question, one of the most potent tools for managing projects available today. Of course, there are easier-to-use programs, but the learning curve is relatively high. Yet, Microsoft Project is the way to go if you require a sophisticated answer for large-scale project management.

Microsoft Project helps users establish attainable objectives for project teams and consumers by making plans, allocating resources, and managing budgets. In addition, users may develop projects, monitor progress, and document outcomes with the aid of the Project Guide.

Also, the Microsoft Project is compatible with all devices, as project managers can use the tool to plan projects and make schedules.


Project management is a crucial phase of every business, so automating the processes is essential. To achieve that feat, consider using this article’s recommended project management tools.

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